With next week’s Campus Careers Expo (5th May) and ICT Careers Expo (6th May) fast approaching, have you set a reminder in your calendar to attend:  https://careerhub.vuw.ac.nz/students/events/search?query=&eventType=451&campus=

Get a head start in the competitive graduate and internship market.  Careers fairs are held for students to meet employers in their industry and to explore career opportunities. Representatives from organisations come along to promote their profile, brand and provide valuable networking time for interested students. Use this opportunity to meet employers face to face, ask questions and build relationships.


Be confident in having information-gathering conversations and remember practice makes perfect.  Connecting with recruiters from a range of organisations puts you a step closer to discovering your future career, dream job and to be recognised as a potential employee.  Get prepared, have confidence in yourself and have questions ready.


To assist you, Victoria Careers and Employment has published a new Tip Sheet on how make the best impression at the Careers Expo:



Immediately after attending the Careers Expo, you need to follow up with your networks to build those relationships in order to achieve your goal.  Take action:  http://chameleonresumes.com/2016/01/22/16-super-easy-actions-to-take-after-a-networking-event/


I recently am across an article that said, when it comes to networking, what’s better: quantity or quality of connections? Is it better to have a large network of acquaintances or a small network of close contacts?

It was suggested, connecting with a variety of people when networking, it’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily about the quantity of your connections, but the quality of those relationships.

Enjoy your time at the Expo!


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