We have been together for about a decade, 8 years married, probably spent more time together every week than many couples out there.

BUT it’s all coming to an end now. Ida is calling it quits! She’s leaving… Wow!

If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have got into this marriage.
She coaxed me into this,
she trusted me,
encouraged me,
supported me…
and most of all, she tempted me with a bribe (the salary)!

Finally when I have decided to go all in,
she interrogated me (interview)!
Luckily, I survived.

And the great partnership begun!

Since then, we have come a long way. We have some great successes and we have some terribly stressful frustrating times too, but our great partnership has helped us to soldier on like a pro regardless.

Ida’s relentless pursuit for excellence is impressive. With hardly any additional resources, her output has been growing and excelling from year to year, every single year, for as long as I know it. No complaints, no moans, no dramas, she just gets on with everything, as simple as that! Such dedication, commitment and professionalism are more than commendable!

Ida is unstoppable! She powers on from one event or project to the next like a full steam engine. Even if it’s the last job on a late night of a tedious day, she still executes it with full force: same genuine smile, same level of support and same perfection as though it’s the first job of the day, giving everything a hundred percent and nothing less.  Sometimes I wonder, has she got some secret superpower that I’m not aware of?

Ida is also irresistible! Unless you are her boss, saying no to her is not always the easiest thing to do. She will inevitably find a solution to solve every and any problem that you have so that you will have absolutely no excuse to say no to her! Basically, she’s a problembuster! And it is this fine quality that helps to make many great things happen in our office!

Maybe you have come across Ida before, maybe you haven’t, but there is definitely something we can all learn from her – strong work ethic! In the 2015 employability skills survey, work ethic is top on the list of the skills/attributes sought after by employers. It’s definitely an attribute worth developing.

Ida, it has been such a privilege to work alongside you over the years, I’ve learnt and gained so much, thank you for everything! And also on behalf of all the clients (employers and students) you have assisted over the years, thank you! You will be sorely missed, but I know you are going to have some great fun time ahead! Happy retirement!

Ps. Ida was updating her LinkedIn account the other day, perhaps there’s something that she is not telling us?

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