This time of year is graduation. Graduands of all disciplines are donning their caps and listening to words of wisdom at their ceremonies. Honoured by the academics and professional staff at their institutions. Celebrated by proud families and friends.
As you go forth into new adventures you may remember the big milestones, the unforgettable ups and downs and the relief of getting there in the end. Who was by your side, when did you receive support, how did the student experience shape you and your class mates? Your study, your wellbeing, your career plans have been a priority for all the staff at Victoria. We support through many services, whether you needed to access them or not. We hope in some way you remember the Careers and Employment team and the opportunities available for students such as: careers expos, employer presentations, internships, jobs on CareerHub, career preparation workshops, CV checks, the Alumni as Mentors programme and the Victoria Plus leadership and service programme.
Whether you become a Change Maker, World Explorer or Digital Disruptor Victoria University holds you in high regard as you become part of the Alumni family. The Careers and Employment team work closely with alumni as you are key influencers for those following behind you. We are keen to stay in touch.
Remember the Careers and Employment team when you:
– become a graduate recruiter
– need students for part time roles or internships
– would like to showcase your organisation to students
– feel ready to become an alumni Mentor
– are happy to share your career journey at one of our faculty based Careers in Focus events
– need volunteers for a not for profit organisation
– would like to contribute as a workshop facilitator for Victoria Plus
Congratulations on your achievements and good luck for the future.

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