This the final part of the 5 career-related things to do differently in 2016. In previous blog posts, I wrote about reverse reference checking, mentoring, doing something new outside of university study, and saving money.

In this final series stint, I’d like to encourage you to…


Your personal blurb is your message to the world. You verbal logo.

It’s fun, useful (the ‘tell me about yourself’ question in the interview!), and makes you think about yourself (and that’s ALWAYS fun).


So here is how to do it:

Set yourself a time limit of 1 minute per each step.

Do not read any of your writing until you have finished.

Ready. Set. Go!

  • list as many nouns and adjectives that describe you
  • write as many quotes of things your friends would say about you
  • what are the unique things about you? (e.g. none of your friends has it or can do it)
  • finish the sentence – ‘I want to live in a world where…’
  • finish the sentence: When I’m not studying, …
  • list as many things as you can that you think you do very well
  • what sort of work experience have you got? list any paid and unpaid work
  • what have you learnt while doing these jobs?
  • time to travel in time. ‘In 10 years time, I’d like to…’ – finish the sentence in as many ways as possible in 1 minute
  • take a minute to quickly scan over what you’ve written so far. Now you can cross out anything that you don’t like

The above should give you plenty of material to write 6-7 full sentences about yourself. Below are a few tips on how to ace it:

  • use adjectives to quality your statements, e.g. I’m a graduate student/I’m an ambitious graduate student with some work experience in IT sector
  • focus on THREE main things you’d like your reader to learn about you
  • make sure you read it out after writing, and have a quick practice at SAYING your blurb
  • a great way to up the fun is to do it with a friend or in a small group!

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