Do you understand what employers are looking for? Are you a student with a part-time job or a recent graduate in a new job who perhaps feels a ‘disconnect’ between the expectations of your manager and your expectations?

Global organisation PayScale has just released an in-depth study of employers asking them how prepared they feel their employees are for the workforce and asked the same of employees.  The study focused on millennials, those born between 1982 and 2002. Whilst only 2% of employees said they felt unprepared, 13% of employers said they felt that millennials today were unprepared.  The good news is that 87% of employers were satisfied; however as the survey covered over 2 million people, 13% is still a significant figure.

So what skills did employers feel were most lacking?

Hard skills:

  • Writing proficiency – found lacking by 44% of managers
  • Public speaking – found lacking by 39% of managers
  • Data analysis – found lacking by 36% of managers

Soft skills:

  • Critical thinking – found lacking by 60% of managers
  • Attention to detail – found lacking by 56% of managers
  • Communication skills – found lacking by 46% of managers

Victoria’s Careers and Employment conducted our own Employability Skills Survey in 2015 of what employers were looking for and received responses from 346 organisations.  Amongst the top ten skills were written communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, and verbal communication skills (includes public speaking), skills which appear in the lists above.

Whether you are currently studying, looking for work or already in a job, awareness of the skills you have or need to develop is critical to your success. Not only do you need to acquire these skills, you need to know how to articulate them to an employer by giving specific examples.

Need some help identifying your skills, demonstrating your skills or linking these skills to your study? The Careers and Employment team have heaps of resources and advice for helping you do this – come and visit us soon!












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