It’s National Volunteer Week which celebrates the vital contribution of New Zealand’s approximately 1.2 million volunteers to social development, the economy and the environment. This year the focus is on time – recognising that volunteers need to make time for volunteering in their busy schedules, and thanking volunteers for their time.

  • Make time – Whai whā
  • Thanks for making time – Kia ora mō tāu whai whā

So from all of us at Victoria Careers, thank you to every student who makes time to volunteer. Many university services and community activities could not happen without you. Take some time to reflect too. Not only are you benefiting your community by volunteering, you are also gaining skills and experiences, increasing your personal satisfaction, creating networks and making new friends. You are developing yourself, both personally and professionally, and increasing your employability. Give yourself a pat on the back!

If you would like to join Victoria’s service and leadership programme and become involved in volunteering and gain recognition for your contribution, check out the Victoria Plus Programme here.

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