A Careers in Focus event we have coming up in July got me started thinking about big data. IBM defines big data as managing huge amounts of data and being able to process it quickly.  When trying to solve problems, uncovering the ‘truth’ that lies beneath the surface is critical and accurate evidence is required.  A quote that keeps coming up time and again is “Without data, all you have is an opinion”.

The term ‘big data’ and data science is being thrown around a lot this days. As the world becomes more data driven, a major challenge has become how to deal with the explosion of information available to us.  And while data science does involve manipulating data on a massive scale, it is much more than simple data collection.  It’s about learning from the data – leveraging the possibilities that come from markedly improved data accessibility, analysis and action.

I’ve just had a quick look at our CareerHub database and see that we have advertised a significant number of jobs in the past year related to data analysis and data science. The jobs have been in a huge range of organisations including government ministries and departments, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, banks, financial services, credit card companies, market research and more.

Are you a curious sort of person? Are you the kind of person that is inquisitive, constantly asks questions, challenges what you hear, enjoys digging behind facts that are being presented?  Do you enjoy using technical skills to build things and find clever solutions to problems?  Do you enjoy being strategic?  If so, then you could be just the type of person to enjoy working in data science, data technology or analytics.  Jobs in these areas are growing exponentially and the demand for talent far outpaces the supply of talent.  This also means that people in these roles command very good salaries.

Intrigued? Want to learn more? The following links provide excellent information on careers working with ‘big data’ and the training required to get there:






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