So apparently, vlogging* is the new way forward in the digital world, with hundreds of people now making a living out of posting short videos of themselves…doing not much – putting makeup on, cooking dinner, or just talking.

And apparently it’s a lucrative business (if you have millions of viewers, that is).

I’ve thought about it long and hard over my lunch. And here is my slice of career advice which I managed to conjure up over some reheated pasta:

We all know that cats rule the internet. The 30 million plus Google searches per month are enough evidence that cats, in fact, have managed to manipulate the digital sphere. So next time you type ‘funny cat’ into your browser, a cat will earn a dollar.


(click here to see the whole infographic)

Or, maybe somewhat more realistically, the cat’s owner will. Lots of dollars.

Take, for example, grumpy cat. Just a sweet looking kitten making mega bucks. Or Maru, the Japanese sensation whose paper-bag exploits have been viewed more than 200 million times.

All while making people happy.

Okay, so you might have career ambitions beyond making top $$$. But there is so much you CAN achieve out there, with a camera (and a cat).

You and your feline partner can educate, advise, entertain, analyse, speak for the underprivileged, innovate and develop new technology to share with the world…and so much more.

All with minimum resources (camera, internet, good quality cat food), no stressful recruitment hoops, or dealing with annoying bosses. And from the comfort of your own luxury pad.

Ready? You can start here.


And just because you’d google it anyway…most famous internet cats

*vlogging = video blogging.





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