It’s Leadership Week at Victoria and we encourage you to think about leadership and how you can develop your own leadership skills. On campus there are many opportunities to participate in leadership roles. Check out the Get Involved webpages and look for roles such as Campus Coach, Club Executive, Class Rep, Student Representative and Team Leader. You can also join the Victoria Plus Programme and fully explore and participate in extracurricular activities and seminars. Take some time to think about leaders or people you respect in your community. What makes them a good leader? What qualities would you emulate?

Last week I attended a panel event on Creating Enduring Leadership run by Fulbright and the Sir Peter Blake Trust.The main discussion topics revolved around the qualities needed to be an enduring leader:

  • self awareness – what makes you, you? Think about who you are and where you come from so you can be the leader you want to be.
  • drive – the clarity, conviction and courage to take action to make things better.
  • values – know what you value and keep sight of those values. Share your values and vision with others to create buy-in and maintain continuity. Have empathy, humility, and be authentic.
  • whakapapa – look backward to connect with your past and forward to take responsibility for the future.

Inspiration from the Sir Peter Blake Trust:
The theme for Leadership Week 2016 is #believeyoucan. In Sir Peter Blake’s final log aboard Seamaster he said, “to win, you have to believe you can do it.” We want to encourage all Kiwis to back themselves to achieve your dreams, don’t let failures stand in the way of achieving success, and instead, learn from mistakes and use them to adapt and strengthen your plan towards achieving your goals, just as Sir Peter Blake did.


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