Ah, Trimester 2 starts today. Cue lost students trying to find their lecture theatre, stressed students queuing for course changes, frustrated students trying to use the university wifi and to top it all off it’s a Monday.

With all of this stress going on I decided to try and post something light hearted. I loved Liz’s post from earlier in the year about interesting new job titles and in one of my workshops students have to try and guess the definition of business jargon such as stakeholder and benchmarking. So, when I spied a quiz encouraging people to test their jargon knowledge by trying to define some ‘interesting’ job titles I thought ‘great! I’ll rock this’

In reality, no I didn’t, but it made me smile regardless and anything that makes me smile on a Monday is a win!

So, for your viewing (and hopefully smiling) pleasure see how you go Top ten most ridiculous job titles quiz

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