15 August, 2016

No regrets

My biggest regret about my undergraduate years is not studying what I was really passionate about.

If I could do it all again (and there’s no reason why I can’t) I would spend a bit longer getting my degree, but include a variety of interest papers to get a feel for other subject areas. Sometimes you have an idea in your head of what a subject’s going to be like, but the reality is quite different. By trying different things out, I think I would have found my studies more interesting and broadened my knowledge of what was out there and what the right subjects were for me. And who knows? I may have ended up with a completely different degree in the end!

What I actually did was commit to two majors off the bat, realise one wasn’t for me, but then felt trapped as I’d already started and so just saw it out to the end, knowing the whole time that there were other things I could be studying that I’d surely be enjoying much more. I guess what I’m saying is – don’t be afraid to admit you’ve made a mistake and move on from it. You haven’t lost anything. You have to start somewhere and when you first start uni it’s just as much about finding out what you don’t like as what you do. You can come and see our Career Consultants at any stage of your degree to talk through your interests and what might be the right direction for you.

And it’s never too late to change your mind about what it is that you want to do.

If you get to university and you realise that you don’t have the entry requirements for the courses you want to take, there are often introductory or bridging courses you can take before you start your degree: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/study/preparing/preparation

And if, like me, you complete your undergraduate degree and then want to do postgraduate study but this time in a different field, there are ways you can do this too. Graduate Certificates/Diplomas or Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas act as pathways allowing students to transition to study in a new area (please note that some have certain entry level requirements): http://www.victoria.ac.nz/study/programmes-courses/postgraduates/graduate-certificates-diplomas


Basically my theory is that if you study what you’re passionate about, you will do better at it and enjoy yourself more. Everyone has their own motivations behind studying but for me personally, being passionate about what I’m learning is the most important thing I would look for if I was to continue.


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