The guidelines below are based on the Telegraph’s beginner’s tips on how to play Pokémon Go. Uni students can take note and use the same tactics when playing JobHunting Go. Please note this is fictitious and we have not yet developed JobHunting Go – we reserve the copyright when it does happen!!

Use the tracker
Possibly the most important tool in JobHunting Go is the ‘Nearby’ tracker. This is the Careers and Employment team, who keep you on track to find what you need –with offices at Kelburn and Piptea and online services 24/7 at Click through to a wealth of advice and information which will help you head in the right direction.

Visit Jobstops regularly
It’s always worth dropping by to have a quick appointment with a Career Consultant and to restock your Careerballs. Lucky workshop eggs are also common at Jobstops, which you can use to boost your Employability Factor.

Aim true
Once you find a Job you will still have to catch it. You need to aim properly and this means spinning your Careerballs and putting forward a top class application with a high quality CV and Cover Letter. Good throws with your Careerballs get you a bonus and means you can succeed at interview.

Look out 
You’ll notice presentations or seminars at certain times, this indicates there is potentially a rarer employer snuffling in that area. Go find out by booking on CareerHub!

Incubate those networking eggs
As well as Careerballs and skills potions, you will pick up eggs at networking events. You can then nurse them into hatching. Different eggs take longer than others. Don’t expect a Job to materialise straight away but keep putting effort in by meeting alumni, employers, professional associations.

Power up and evolutions
One of the main appeals of the game is training up yourself and evolving into a bigger, more capable creature. In JobHunting Go, you can ‘power up’ by joining Leadership programmes such as Victoria Plus and VILP.

Go collecting in different areas at different times
Some Jobs are more active at different times. So you might have more luck catching in the first part of the University year or later on. Keep engaging with Careers and Employment events such as Careers in Focus. Keep looking at part-time, graduate employment and internships all year round. Remember you can even search expired jobs.

Combine items for big gains
Developing your skills and experience through study, volunteer work, leadership programmes, alumni events, study abroad, part-time work, summer work etc makes you pungent to Jobs, meaning you will attract more.

Safety tips
Please be careful playing JobHunting Go. It is a game which combines the real-world and technology in a smart and compelling way.

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