I’ve always loved ABBA songs…yes I admit it although others won’t. A few months ago browsing in Te Omanga Hospice Shop in Petone, I came across ABBA Gold the DVD and later at home exercised my lungs for an hour singing along to their greatest hits.

But I digress. I have a reason for paraphrasing an ABBA song title for this blog. I’ll also paraphrase the first line of the song…You work all night, you work all day, to pay the bills you have to pay… Of course, paying bills is part of adult life whether you are a student, a graduate, an employee or an entrepreneur. However your attitude to money overall will have a huge impact on your ability to create the future you envisage for yourself and make smart career, life, and financial choices.  Money can be friend or foe. To make money your friend means being money literate, having good money habits and having financial goals that you commit to.

So, why is financial literacy career-blog-worthy? We are 15% of the way through the 21st century and times are changing super-fast. You probably have different life goals and expectations, and will face different challenges, compared to your parents or grandparents.  You will consume more goods and services. You are likely to be financially dependent on your parents and extended family members for longer, begin your working life later, have larger debts coming out of university, have a bigger first mortgage, start a family later, expect to find work fulfilling, expect to travel and even work abroad and also to live a longer life. And now comes the very tricky part… you are likely to have a shorter working life (and so earn less money) and experience your career as a lattice rather than a ladder. Can you see a problem here?

So pause a moment.  How concerned are you about your capacity to manage your money now and in the future?  On a scale of 1-10, if 1 is ‘totally unconcerned’ and 10 is ‘paralysed with fear’, where are you? Please don’t put your head in the sand. How are you planning to pay off debts? What are your savings targets? What are your financial goals? These free resources http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com/video/ will help you on your journey towards financial literacy and a better financial future. Take action today.

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