6 September, 2016

Gap it

I think taking a gap year is underrated. By this I’m referring to a year between high school and uni. You could take a gap year during your studies, or even after your studies, but for the purpose of this opinion piece ‘gap year’ will refer to doing something different for a year between high school and university.

After Year 13 you’re tired. You’ve just completed 5 years of high school studies. The thought of doing the equivalent of this amount of time all over again at a higher level may seem daunting. You may need a rest. A gap year, in my opinion, is the perfect way to recharge the batteries before embarking on the next step of your studies with renewed energy.

It also gives you time to figure out exactly what it is you want to study. And through your different experiences during this year and learning more about yourself, you may discover interests and passions you never knew you had.

You could spend a year working or go travelling. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out different things and see what you like. You may discover a passion for a certain area of work and any work experience will enhance your CV.

I personally spent a year abroad before starting my university studies. This gave me time to really think about what it was I wanted to study and then when I did start university, I was reenergised and newly motivated. University is a big commitment, so I wanted to be quite clear about what I wanted to study before investing the time and money into doing so.

Below is an article that anyone thinking of travelling with a friend should read: http://awol.junkee.com/how-to-travel-with-your-bestie-and-not-want-to-kill-each-other/30958

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