When I first started working at Victoria University in the immensely interesting Antarctic Research Centre (ARC), I was asked to take minutes at a monthly meeting. An hour later and hopelessly confused by no fewer than 22 acronyms and initialisms including the likes of ANDRILL, IODP, SDO, RICE, ENSO, MIS and VUWAE, I needed help. For the uninitiated, the scientific world speaks another language.

As a Gen Y or Z student, text acronyms are as normal as brushing your teeth and you’ll know your BTW from your BRB. However if you’re heading off to an internship or a new graduate role, it’s worth knowing that business loves acronyms too.

From the old favourite with lawyers, LOMBARD (look it up), to the latest business buzz terms (B2B, KPI, TED, ROI) it‘s easy to become overwhelmed by jargon. Personally I have no time for the overuse of acronyms as this often prevents understanding rather than simplifying it. Communication should be clear and concise but not at the expense of meaning.

However if you’re the new kid on the block and need assistance cracking the code, here’s an excellent explanation of the 123 most common business acronyms from The Muse.com, and if you’re really keen 40,000 Business Acronyms and Abbreviations. TYT

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