I read a great article this week by Alyse Kalish “5 Things Your Youngest Co-Worker Wishes You Knew”.

At some stage in everyone’s working career we have been the young person / newbie in the workplace.  It can be intimidating starting a new job, let alone when you feel the slight disconnect due to generational differences.

Alyse Kalish mentions five things young employees may feel:

  • We sometimes feel excluded because of our age
  • We’re afraid to seem immature around our older co-workers
  • We work differently, but just as hard
  • Most things are new and exciting to us
  • We want to be challenged

I confess to not being in the ‘young’ age group any longer but I do remember a recruitment agent asked me in my early 20s what a key requirement was for me in a job.  I stated that ‘challenge’ was most important (no.5).  Does this ring true for anyone else?  Do you need opportunities to grow and learn at work, or are you happy to cruise along with the status quo?

What about no.3?  Do you work just as hard as your older colleagues but feel they think you don’t?  I definitely felt that I worked just as hard or harder than my older co-workers.  My style was more ‘action’ (so I got more done) plus I was happy to put in extra work in the evening as I didn’t have a lot of pressing external commitments.

Being one of the youngest in the office certainly has its pros and cons (as I think any age does).  I personally love working with people in their 20s as it makes me feel young again!  Plus I enjoy the new, fresh and interesting ideas that you bring to the table.  I do understand your challenges but rest assured we love having you with us!

Alyse Kalish “5 Things Your Youngest Co-Worker Wishes You Knew” https://www.themuse.com/advice/5-things-your-youngest-coworker-wishes-you-knew?ref=recommended

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