The day I discovered shipping was the day my sane, adult self disappeared for good (if it was ever there in the first place).

Shipping? Like, transporting something by sea….? Not quite

“Shipping, initially derived from the word relationship, is the desire by fans for two or more people, either real-life people or fictional characters, to be in a relationship, romantic or otherwise” (thanks wikipedia)

I’ve found it both fascinating and disturbing lurking through various tumblr blogs dedicated to my ship (and those completely anti it) to the point where I’ve been wondering if I have a new hobby. It’s become very easy to block out real life for several hours at a time as I scroll down so yes, definitely a new hobby (or addiction..? No, surely not..)

Hobbies and Interests always come up in CV conversations and it’s probably the section that sparks the most debate. As a student or recent graduate with potentially limited work experience, a hobbies and interests section can be a great way to allude to additional skills, qualities and knowledge that you may not have been able to show in paid work e.g. participation in sports can indicate that you work well in teams.

Hold up, what’s the actual difference between a hobby and an interest? Good question. “Interest is the curiosity or the desire to know or learn about something or someone. Hobby, on the other hand, refers to a regular activity that is done for pleasure, particularly during one’s leisure time. The main difference between hobby and interest is that hobby is something that is actively pursued whereas interest is merely a wish to know or learn” (thanks

Regardless of your previous work history, this section is also a way for an employer to get some idea of your personality, and an indication of how you may fit into their organisation and work group. ‘Team fit’ or ‘cultural fit’ is always sought after by employers (and essentially means they are looking for someone whose values, beliefs, outlook and behaviours (etc) fit in with their team and organisation) so getting a taster of who you are when you’re not at work or study can make all the difference. I recently heard from an employer that he actively seeks out someone’s interests outside of work to help with creating a “socially diverse” team.

While I may not be adding shipping to my CV in a hurry, I do agree with the practice of adding a hobbies and/or interests section. My top tip would be to provide enough detail for the employer to understand the extent of your hobby or interest e.g. don’t just list ‘Football’, try instead ‘Play social football 2 times a week and am very passionate about supporting my local team’

For a brief sample on the opinions of the internet:
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No hobbies? Try out these gems!

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