30 November, 2016

The Office Prankster

There’s one in every office; the practical joker for whom April 1st is like Christmas and who looks like butter wouldn’t melt. You know, the one who could angelically hand out wasabi flavoured candy to unsuspecting co-workers without batting an eyelid.
So a colleague decided to take on our Little Miss Mischief Maker and have a bit of fun with a game of Mouse Trap. As the name suggests, this involves capturing and holding hostage the victim’s computer mouse, rendering the owner helpless in the face of a blank screen. Sounds simple but this wee prank is surprisingly effective. Especially funny is watching the target return to their desk (in busy the reception area) and flounder around, trying to remember how to activate a computer in front of a waiting queue. Then, bewildered, rummage under the desk tugging futilely at chords. Nargles perhaps? Naturally once the mouse is liberated, the button configuration has been tampered with… 

Not so amusing however is if you, the prankster, are then on the end of a sharp telling-off from the boss for being unprofessional and disrupting the workplace. Of course, upon scurrying from the office shame-faced with your tail between your legs, hoots of laughter accompany you. Ah the revenge set-up is sweet – never kid a kidder as the saying goes.

If you’re up for a spot of hoodwinking, be inspired by these office pranks compiled by Hubspot. Great for team morale and initiation of new staff members – number 10 is for you RW!

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