7 December, 2016

Diverting attention

We hear about it being done in the news all the time.  If you want to divert attention to what’s going on that’s not so good, create a spectacular side story.

Like – what’s happening behind the scenes while Donald is filling his cabinet with Donald-inclined folk who are rubbing their hands at the potential for disaster? We’re fed instant updates on these folk, such as Donny’s pick for war monger – whoops I mean defense secretary – ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis?  What is really happening?  Not even behind the scenes, but just beyond the media’s focal length?

I’ve been nervous about reality ever since seeing Wag the Dog, a 1997 film where spin doctor, Conrad (Conny) Brean (Robert De Niro) , creates a diversion with the help of film producer Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman) that will draw attention from the incumbent president’s shenanigans with a girl guide.  Recommended if you haven’t been exposed to it yet – it’s the kind of movie you want to watch over and over.

Closer to home and in real life, I’ve been moody for some time now.  Well, actually, since Trump won the electorate vote and wiggled his middle finger at America and everyone else on the face of the planet who’s not him.

I, sensitive to others’ moods, didn’t want to bring those who pass me in the hallway down to my mood level, and observing the juxtaposition of socks on the wash line, decided a mix ‘n’ match was in order.  I found it truly does divert people’s attention to your mood.  Plus It’s interesting how many people look at your feet as you walk by.  ( And, it might help if you want to get up to some mischief, like our resident pranksters.)








The moral?

if you want to divert attention from the real situation, put your socks to work

Not quite war in Albania (Ref. Wag the Dog), but it does the trick.

Enjoy your holidays and may you receive mixable and matchable socks from Santa.

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