25 January, 2017

Are you happy?

Do you know what makes you happy?  Do you know what brings joy to your life?

Happiness can come from anywhere: getting an interview for a job, travelling overseas, volunteering, starting a relationship, recovering from ill health, relaxing with a good book, meeting up with friends, scoring that ultimate job, even getting likes on Facebook!

However we have all gone through times when things are just a bit crap.  What do you do then?  What can you actively do to get yourself back on track again?

An article by Jeff Haden states that 50% of your level of happiness is determined by who you are as a person which is largely hereditary.  The other 50% however is what you can control, meaning (good news!) you can do things to make yourself happier!

One suggestion is to actively pursue your goals.  An example of this can obviously be the goal of achieving a qualification.  It can feel soooooooooo hard at times managing work, study, and life, but remember you are pursuing a goal that you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

Another way of feeling happy is by helping other people.  I used to work in a retirement village and my job involved motivating the residents as well as getting them to engage with village activities.  I confess every now and then I would rock up to work not feeling fab myself, but I had to ‘fake it til I make it’ for my residents.  After 15-20mins of having wonderful interactions with them, I was back on track.  I was there to help them but they ended up having a wonderful positive effect on me!  My colleague Rachel wrote a great article last year regarding volunteering make sure you check it out!

Jeff Haden’s article has lots of other great tips.

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