There’s always a sense of freedom that accompanies the roll-over of a new year. We usually feel a renewed sense of optimism “this year I will do X” which results in lots of us making goals and resolutions (some which stick, some which don’t). Personally, I’m focusing on my well being which includes learning how to calm my anxious internal monologue and eating better. These are fairly standard things in today’s world but I know they will go a long way in helping me handle my life better.

Before the madness of Trimester One commences I wanted to encourage every student to take some time to consider one thing in your personal AND professional life that you want to work on this year. And let’s face it, we know there’s always something. Professionally speaking, what could that be? Here are a couple of my ideas:

  • work experience – which can be paid, unpaid, formal or informal – any experience is good experience as you develop skills and attributes that can transfer to another working environment (things like communication, team work, time management etc). It also allows you to test out different working environments which can help with deciding what to do after university. Check out CareerHub as well as the other usual job sites;
  • get involved in general – at Uni and outside Uni – joining clubs and groups, having interests and hobbies, going on exchange, doing the leadership programmes will all contribute to your experiences that an employer is interested in seeing;
  • perhaps you have work experience but you want something more in line with your future career path. If you know what this is consider information interviews with people or organisations that align with your interests. If you aren’t completely sure but know for instance that you will be working in an office environment, get a part time or volunteer job in an office;
  • write or update your CV – a ‘Master CV’ describes ALL your experiences including clubs, hobbies, travel, positions of responsibility, awards and achievements (personal and professional) – this can then be tailored each time you apply for a job;
  • a conversation about what to do after University – this is the one that will take more time because it involves raising your occupational awareness (what industry, organisations and roles are out there) and your self awareness (what interests me, what strengths do I have – skills and qualities and knowledge – what places do I want to work in etc). But you can start with what you can do with your degree.

It’s easy to procrastinate on things that take time or take a lot of thinking about and research. This is a great time of year to do that though. Start the year as you mean to go on – make your goals/resolutions/plans and get going! For Victoria students and graduates we’re available to chat to year round.

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