Have you ever wanted to do Outward Bound?  Did you think your opportunity had past?  Well…. I have good news for you!  Opportunities are abound!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Outward Bound, it is located in the Marlborough Sounds, and it offers a programme of outdoor adventure courses which are all about helping you to reach your full potential. Lessons are held in the mountains, bush and waterways of this beautiful corner of New Zealand, and learning is achieved through experience. You’ll sail, hike, kayak and climb your way through a range of challenges that will teach you both how to lead, and how to be part of a successful team.

The personal impact of participating in Outward Bound is undeniable:

  • 96% of people who have attended an Outward Bound course say that it had a positive impact on their lives
  • 88% reported having more confidence and self-belief
  • One in three have since taken on a leadership role

“I walked away from Outward Bound with inner and outer strength. I felt like I could take on the world and nothing could stop me.” – Sammy Jane Garrett

Outward Bound is also the perfect balance of adventure and reflection. It’ll give you the space to consider your personal values and work out what’s important, plus there’s loads of support to help you get fit and fundraise in the lead-up to the course too.

It will also give you real skills to help you secure a great job!

C’mon you know you want to!

Outward Bound has a number of amazing courses available, check them out today and look forward to a bright future!

(Thanks to Outward Bound for giving us the low down on their programme for this article!)

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