Yesterday afternoon I was delighted to be involved in the signing of a partnership agreement between Victoria University’s Disability Support and Careers and Employment, and Workbridge.

Aligned with Victoria’s employability strategy, this Partnership Agreement demonstrates our strong commitment to work together to increase opportunities for relevant, meaningful employment for current and recently graduated students with disabilities.

Did you know that 24% of our total population has a disability, injury or illness lasting 6 months or more? 74% of these people would like a job; only 11% said their condition limited the number of hours they could work.

Students and graduates with disabilities have traditionally struggled to find employment relevant to their university studies. We are hoping to turn that around.  Our students are articulate, smart and resilient, and have a strong work ethic.  They provide employers access to a wider talent pool and enable them to attract new skills and perspectives. Workbridge, the largest NZ owned employment agency for people with a disability, injury or illness, will be notifying Victoria University of all relevant employment vacancies, internships and work experience opportunities which we will be promoting to our students with disabilities via our CareerHub student portal.  In order to prepare students for these opportunities, Victoria and Workbridge will collaborate on the delivery of workshops to enhance employability skills and transition into work.  We will also be working together to create resources to help with the job search.

There will be situations where reasonable accommodations and supports may be required, and Workbridge will assess these and discuss them with the employer. They will also provide ongoing post-placement support for twelve months.

If you are a student or graduate with a disability, please do let us know so that we can ensure you receive notices of opportunities relevant to your skills and qualifications.

If you have any questions at all about employment opportunities please don’t hesitate to contact us at Disability Services, and/or Careers and Employment,

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