30 March, 2017

This Time Next Year

I watched a UK TV show last week called ‘This Time Next Year’ which has people wanting to achieve a goal within a year such as losing weight, having a baby, starting a professional sport and more. It was fascinating to watch them come on then a few minutes later have them come back to see if they achieved their goal (obviously the first half of the programme was filmed a year ago). Some succeeded and some didn’t and some had to revise their goal half way through. One man wanted to walk on his prosthetic legs so he could walk his fiancé down the aisle but during the year they broke up so he went in a new direction. Regardless of the success of these people it was quite touching and inspiring to see the effect it had on them all. They gained in confidence and motivation and they learnt things about themselves.

I don’t know how much support they had from the production company but it reminded that even when we do have a goal in mind sometimes our original plans don’t work out. This doesn’t mean it was a waste of time or a failure though because the process itself teaches us so many things about ourselves. Do we know how to fail? How resilient are we? Do we persevere? Do we know how to adapt and be flexible and open to change? All of these are skills sets we need in today’s world.

Below are a few older blogs that touch on these themes so have a read. And out of curiosity, if you wanted to do one thing by this time next year, what would it be?

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