You’ve arrived at your interview, 10 or so minutes before the scheduled time. Perfect – not too early or too late. The thing to remember is that your interview started the minute you walked into reception. How best to use those minutes to impress?

  • Be polite
    Reception and frontline staff are watching you and it is highly likely they will be asked about your behaviour. Be friendly, ask a relevant question but don’t launch into the story of your life.
  • Make use of the bathroom
    Nerves are bad for your bladder and if you’ve arrived in wind and rain, do a quick appearance touch up. No drowned rats here. Double-check for leftover lunch in your teeth.
  • Sit down
    Roaming around makes you look restless and ill-at-ease. Try to relax but watch your posture. You will look and feel more confident sitting up straight. Just like your mother told you.
  • Need something to do with your hands?
    Do not under any circumstances touch that phone. Now is not the time to take a call, text, Snapchat a picture of yourself at the interview, or get to the next level of Candy Crush.
  • Show an interest
    Look at any company brochures, literature or awards on display. These can be great conversation starters for when you meet the interviewer.
  • Review your notes
    If there is nothing else to read, briefly review your CV or notes to reassure yourself. You have done all the necessary preparation and research and you know your stuff. (You did prepare didn’t you?)
  • Try not to look worried
    Yes you are probably more nervous than a turkey at Christmas but keep calm and put on a happy face. Breathe. They won’t eat you.

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