This week is Student Volunteer Week, a time to thank and recognise our valuable student volunteers at Victoria, and to celebrate all that they do. The Victoria Plus Programme enables students to gain recognition for their significant contribution to student support and their community, as well as encouraging others to volunteer.

Victoria Plus students are as varied as the volunteer roles they undertake. They come from all disciplines, many different backgrounds and ethnicities, and range from first year to postgraduate. However, they all have a common goal; to give back to their community by supporting fellow students and stepping up to leadership positions on campus and in the Wellington region. During the last year, students volunteered with over 70 not-for-profit community organisations including environmental, animal welfare, charities, festivals, education, youth and people in need. They also supported their faculties and many student services, clubs and representative groups that rely on volunteers to operate.

Volunteering forms a significant part of the Victoria Plus Programme, which is recognised by the University on a student’s academic transcript at either Certificate or Award level. Participants appreciate being encouraged to volunteer and take up student leadership roles as well as make the most of networking and skill-building opportunities.

Rachel Barrett, Science graduate, explains that getting involved in Victoria Plus “encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and volunteer for activities that I might not otherwise have been involved in, taking on new responsibilities in a way that stretched me, but also worked really well alongside my studies. I have learnt to think critically, manage my time more effectively and be a better leader.”

Architecture student, Austin d’souza, is glad he joined Vic Plus in his first year and feels that the programme “improved my communication and collaborative skills which will no doubt help me in the future. The programme challenged and encouraged me to become a leader and use my passion for helping people as a driver to do good within the wider community.”

Thank you Victoria Plus students! Read more Student Volunteer Stories from Victoria here.

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