Like most of my friends I’ve been glued to my screen for the past few months reading the latest news in our seemingly fast deteriorating world. I know it’s not good for me to dine on disaster but it’s just so darn engaging (damn you Trump!).

As an antidote to apocalyptic headlines I came across Goodnet which aims to connect people around the world with opportunities for doing good. Among other things Goodnet post information about businesses, organisations and individuals effecting positive change around the world. It’s a nice reminder that amongst the noise of fear that emanates from mainstream media there are alternatives that can inspire us to strive to realise humanity’s true potential.

You might like to check out Goodnet’s take on the 8 best jobs in the world – while they’re not world saving, they illustrate the point that aligning your work and passion can result in satisfaction and contentment. While you’re on the site, why not complete Goodnet’s short quiz to find you passion in life and chase it like the world is going to end!

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