12 July, 2017

Write your mind

There’s a lot going on in there (your mind).
So how do you know what’s useful or not? There’s so much.
How do you decide what to keep and what to forget ?
(IF you can! I remember what I don’t want and forget what I do.)

OK, it’s a mess, but there must be something worthwhile, eh. What if you could

… that would be Reflective practice

Reflective practice can help you to

  • unknot your thinking
  • learn from experiences
  • gain self awareness
  • master self management

How else will you know

  • what you think
  • what you do
  • what you want
  • what you don’t ?
Some figure out how to learn from their messy mind.
Some don’t.

Be one who does.

Learn more about reflective practice. Contact the ePortfolio coordinator at Careers & Development.

AND Watch these videos (they’re short!)
Hull university offers a visual explanation about Reflective writing.

Reflective practice is a learning method. See the 3-minute Kolb.
Reflection used in learning is a good model for general reflective practice.

And …
once you write your reflections,
capture them.
(Go to Dump your mind)

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