Some days in the office, I have up to three coffees before lunch time. To me, this is an improvement on the habit I picked up during my first year of university when I couldn’t even bear to walk into my 9am lecture without a 500ml can of V in my hand. It didn’t help that they were only $3 and I had to walk past the vending machine to get inside.

I was well aware of my caffeine dependency, but I believed the benefits on my studies outweighed the negative implications for my health. After a visit to the doctor confirmed that I was well on the road to a stomach ulcer, I quickly had to reconsider my stance. A combination of poor eating habits, stress, alcohol consumption and caffeine (so…uh… being a university student) was pinned as the cause.

Only at the beginning of my university career, I thought I was doomed to a life of falling asleep in class, and maybe having to take some honest cooking lessons to turn my life around. Instead, I switched to coffee.

Coffee has been at the heart of my transition into the workplace. I credit it for helping me to stay awake during all of my lectures and late night study sessions, and passing all of my courses as a result. I have relied on an extra shot flat white to get my brain working before every job interview (and often another cup to unwind afterwards). The cafe is a great place to meet with potential employers and mentors for the first time, too. They’re usually quiet, easy to find, and holding a cup of coffee gives you something to do with your hands.

Maybe the benefits of caffeine to your career do outweigh the cost to your health…After all, I did write this blog post over a cup of coffee.

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