It’s Leadership Week at Victoria and we encourage you to think about how you can develop your own leadership. To help you discover what sort of leader you want to be, there are many opportunities on campus to participate in leadership roles. Check out the Get Involved web page and look for roles such as Campus Coach, Club Executive, Class Rep, Student Representative and Team Leader. You can also join the Victoria Plus Programme and fully explore and participate in extracurricular activities and seminars.

Recently the country has celebrated a young New Zealander who embodies the values and leadership qualities of Sir Peter Blake, values that many New Zealanders admire and aspire to. As an Olympic gold medalist, sailor Peter Burling already had the passion and motivation to succeed. Now, at just 26, he is the youngest ever America’s Cup champion helmsman, commended for showing integrity, composure, commitment and belief in himself and his crew. And doing it on the world stage.

While not many of us will find ourselves in that position, leading teams or groups is something all of us will need to do at some time, be it in the classroom or the board room. I recently listened to a RNZ interview by Kathryn Ryan with Diana Jones, a leadership coach and author. While she works mostly with executive teams and senior leaders, she makes several observations on leadership that are relevant to everyone. Her main observation of a good team leader is that they have the ability (social intelligence) to read the mood of a group, relate to the group, and engage with the group. She describes ways to connect through shared experience and the importance of communication and listening.

At its heart, it’s the ability of one person to connect with another, or with the group of people they are with. The role of the leader, is [to] have a vision of what might be possible and they also believe the people they are with are capable of working towards or aspiring to that vision. So they have an ability to create unity where there are a lot of differences among the people they are with.

You can download the podcast here

Happy leading!



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