Are you good at networking? Do you approach people at events? Do you only stick to people you know? Do you avoid talking to new people where you can help it?

I was reading an article on Stuff this month called New Zealanders don’t mingle well at parties. Why? Even though the article was based around mixing and mingling at parties, as a member of a Careers team, it made me reflect on how I am in similar situations and how important meeting people and networking can be.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have no problem talking to people. I love it in fact. However, I have definitely been guilty of going along to events/occasions and hanging out with the people I know (especially if I haven’t seen them for a while, and it’s a great chance to catch up right?!).

After reading this article, it does make me wonder how many people, conversations and networking opportunities I have missed out on by not stepping out at every occasion. Sooooooo, I’m challenging myself (and you) to meet someone you don’t know at every event you go to in the next three months (whether it be work related or not). What have you got lose! Plus just think how much networking practice you’ll get in as well!

We have a number of blogs already written by my fabulous colleagues on networking. Their advice will definitely assist you with this challenge.

Networking 101- tips for beginners

Professional networking dos and don’ts

A warm smile and a good hand shake matters more than you think

Networking for introverts

All the best!  You can do it!

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