“It’s not what you know but who you know.”

Time and again I hear this statement repeated when people are talking about finding work. Indeed it’s certainly been my experience – six of the seven jobs I’ve had since completing my studies have come through my networks.

So if the work you do in lectures, tutorials and labs is about building what you know, the Careers and Employment team is here to support you with building networks of people who you know.

  • Employer presentations give you a chance to hear from and meet with potential employers. The presenters give you tips on applying for jobs with their organisation and an opportunity to ask further questions about their workplace.
  • Careers Expos provide a large number of employers all in one place so you can shop around and connect with numerous prospective employers at once.
  • The Alumni as Mentors Programme connects you with an alumnus of the University who has studied a similar subject to you and / or works in an industry that interests you. The programme’s networking events give you the opportunity to talk with all of the other mentors on the programme, providing you with insights to a diversity of career paths and potential workplaces.
  • The Victoria Plus Programme is the University’s service and leadership programme that recognises and celebrates your contribution to the local community. Volunteering is an awesome way to build your networks and bolster your CV!
  • Careers in Focus events provide a panel of alumni who have all studied a similar degree and share with the audience their experience of working in their sector. The speakers are always keen to talk directly with students once the panel discussion has ended.

Finally, the series of workshops you can attend and one-on-one support you can receive from our Careers Consultants means that we can help you best present what you know and connect you with other people and resources that we know will help you get that crucial first job!

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