Last month, at our Careers in Focus session we tried out the GoSoapbox app, where we wanted to hear direct from students the top questions to ask a panel of five really interesting Humanities and Social Sciences graduates. How GoSoapbox works is, instead of putting up your hand and asking a question, which not everyone wants to do, you have the opportunity to anonymously submit a question and vote for other people’s questions via the app. The most relevant questions from the audience rise to the top. This can give a good indication of what your audience is concerned with, why they’ve come to your event and what they want to know. Questions can be submitted and voted for in advance.

I’m going to assume that if the top-voted questions were ones that mattered to the students at our Careers in Focus event, then they probably also matter to you, dear blog reader. If you could listen to a panel of graduates from your discipline, doing interesting work in the world, what would you ask them? What are your big career questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

So, hold tight for a series of blogs answering the top five questions below:

  • How important are good grades to an employer?
  • If you had no experience in your field when you left uni, how did you set yourself apart from people who did?
  • How long did it take for you to get a job after your degree?
  • What part did personal contacts play in finding your first job out of uni?
  • Do you think doing postgrad study is important in getting ahead or do you think work experience is more important?

To answer these I will draw on the stories, tip and hints from our amazing graduate panel – once arts students, now working in policy, ecological research, conservation, treaty settlement, data analytics, film-making and managing not-for-profits. Plus let’s have a look at what employers, career consultants, students and other great thinkers (like me, basically) have to say.

Photo: Careers in Focus panel of Victoria Humanities and Social Science graduates; from left Telea Andrews, Helen Anderson, Lana Gibson, Hollie Russell and Bart Cox.

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