As the second half of the academic year draws to a close you notice blossom on the trees, warmer days and lighter evenings. Friends invite you for a walk on the waterfront or to kick a ball on the field. Then the conversation turns to what are you doing over the summer. If you haven’t yet sorted your plans start to think about getting prepared. The Summer Work Handout presents ideas and tips on where to look for vacancies.

Summer is peak time for many organisations and they may take on temporary or seasonal staff. With some preparation, proactivity and creative thinking, you may find summer work that enhances your skills and helps you prepare financially for the next academic year.

Be prepared. Have your CV prepared in advance. Book a Drop in appointment with Careers and Employment for a CV check

Be proactive. Make an effort to job search, apply and talk to people. Practice explaining what skills you have already in a confident manner.

Consider the direct approach. Send a speculative CV along with a cover letter explaining that you are seeking a summer or part-time position.

Use your social networks. On social and in person, tell everyone you know that you are available for work and ask your contacts to use their networks to help you.  If you have not already, set up your LinkedIn profile.

Think strategically and long-term. Remember that if it is your penultimate year next, formal summer internships and law clerk positions with the major commercial firms are advertised in March. Overseas exchanges, Summer Research Scholarships and research assistant positions also close earlier in the year.

Good luck with your summer adventures and we hope you get a bit of a holiday too! Dipping your toe into the pool of experiences may not be paradise but all summer jobs offer valuable learning and insights in some way.

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