Liz Ryan has worked in HR since 1980, is the author of “Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and Career You Deserve” and is a contributor to and LinkedIn. She’s written an article titled “Ten things I look for in a job candidate”. Here’s an abbreviated version of her list:

  1. someone who is awake and aware of their surroundings
  2. a candidate who owns their story
  3. someone who has their own opinions
  4. someone who can see the intersection between the work they’ve already done and the work I am hiring someone to do
  5. someone with a sense of humor
  6. folks who are confident in their own abilities
  7. a candidate who values their life outside of work
  8. someone who knows what they want from their next job and their career
  9. people who expect more out of their work than just a paycheck
  10. a candidate who takes responsibility for their decisions

Check out Ryan’s full article for more details, it’s worth a click.

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