Have you been in your current job for a while? Do you feel you would like more responsibility? Do you want to challenge or stretch yourself a little further? Do you see an opportunity for a promotion that you would like to put your hand up for?

I read an article by Jim Morris in The Muse, which could be helpful if you are going from your first to second role after graduating, or a long-term part-time or summer role where you would like to take a step up. The article focuses on the idea that actions can speak louder than words when aspiring for a promotion. Do you agree?

Idea 1:  Work on Your Collaboration Skills

I think for most people this idea is a no brainer – you need to be able to work well with your colleagues to be an effective employee. Managers appreciate employees who have these relationships because with these connections work can be accomplished more efficiently and effectively with the support and knowledge of those around you. To extend this point a little further I suggest seeking out and nurturing relationships with colleagues who are different from yourself, ie: strategic thinkers vs the doers; introverts vs extroverts etc. With these relationships, I have learnt the most about myself but also the diversity of thought of those around me. Trust me, it is sooooo interesting! You learn so much, and your work will have an added depth to it. This in turn will make you a more rounded employee and more valuable to your manager.

Idea 2: Be Hungry for Growth, not Status.

It is important for a manager to feel your connection and desire to grow within the company. If your manager does not feel you are seeking this, and you are obviously only hungering for status, you are less likely to be promoted. As the article states ‘your hunger should be for the acquisition of skills and knowledge’. Managers/companies do not want to feel you are using your current situation as a stepping-stone to something better. This could be the case(!), but why not consider making the most of the role you are in and learn and absorb as much as you can.

However, if you genuinely feel you know your role like the back of your hand, and can say you preform it to perfection most days (no one is perfect all the time!), why not develop it, find a way to do it better? If you consistently do this, it will keep the spark of your job alive, and your manager will see the innovative, critical thinking side of you. You will show your manager you are ready to take the next step forward in your career. You will also have great examples to relay at your next interview too!

Along with letting your actions can speak louder than words, I do still think it is helpful to have a conversation with your manager about your future. A good place would be at your performance review (if you have them); obviously, it is less likely in a summer role, but you can still have a chat with your manager. You don’t really know until you ask, and you never know, they may have big plans for you!


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