At our Careers in Focus sessions we invite along a panel of graduates and employers who have studied your major and are doing really interesting things out there, that hopefully will make you think hmmm …how did they get there? Could I give that a go? So we encourage you to ask all kinds of questions, either in the panel session or mingling afterwards in the networking time that follows. No question is a stupid one, in fact the questions that pop up on our GoSoapbox app are thoughtful, intelligent ones, befitting of the maturity of students these days. No virtual rolling of Jaffas or throwing paper planes like in my day. In the recent Careers in Focus – Finance session, questions pertained to careers in financial analysis, banking and accounting but of course they can apply to any area.

Thanks to our panel:

  • Zoe Wallis, Head of Transactions and Payments, Kiwibank
  • Caitlin Craigie, Implementation Manager, Retail Banking, ASB
  • Nick Barry, Senior Analyst, Deloitte
  • Elaine Wang, Investment Operations Analyst, ACC
  • Selina Li, Product Controller, Institutional Finance, ANZ

for sharing their experience and wisdom. Here are some of the questions, with a mix of our panelist alongside Careers and Employment’s thoughts and responses:


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