With only a few weeks left until the study and exam period, you might be starting to get a little overwhelmed with life. Lectures, tutorials, assignments, extra curricular activities, a social life, season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race… The list of essentials goes on!

But what happens when exams are over and you’ve got your degree? If you haven’t thought about what you’ll be doing next year, now’s the time! It’s easier than you think to balance your study with your job hunt if you know what to do.
Manage your time

Job-hunting and exam prep are both time consuming, so you have to plan ahead. More employers are saying that they care about an applicant’s extra-curricular interests just as much as their grades, so don’t cut these out of your routine. Invest in a planner instead!

Use university resources

We’re here to help! Book in an appointment with a Careers Advisor for some job prep advice. See Student Learning for help with your study or assignments. Student Counselling is available if you need it. Don’t forget about Victoria Recreation, cardio is great for your mental and physical health!

Work smarter not harder

Yep, this applies to both study and job applications! Examples include; studying in the library instead of in front of the TV, using CV templates to speed things up, sit mock exams instead of rehashing your lecture notes, set up email alerts on job boards to cut down your search time… be creative!

Don’t leave it too late

Job applications and exams are similar – life is better when you’re not doing them. The sooner you start applying, the sooner you’ll find a job and the less stressful it will be. Also, you don’t want to be writing cover letters over summer when you could be at the beach, do you?

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