Believe it or not, it is time to get ready for graduate and internship recruitment. Employers will be on campus recruitng for summer internships and 2020 as soon as you get here! Here is a reblog from 2016 about getting ready and taking your time over job applications to get it right….

Careers and Employment

“I should have started the preparation for applications sooner” says Josh, one of many students I have recently seen rushing and stressing at the last minute to get in graduate job, summer intern or scholarship applications. They didn’t realise how much time it would take. Luckily at least they were using their University careers service to help but in addition to that I’m sure would highly recommend you prepare well in advance and set your own deadline earlier than the one given. So, for example, if you are coming to the end of your penultimate year you know graduate recruitment starts at the beginning of March so use the summer to prepare.

Some articles you may read say job searchers spend too much time obsessing over their resume and cover letter. Don’t be fooled by this advice. It is true that traditional ways of recruiting have changed and that your…

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