20 April, 2020

Virtual Volunteering

Volunteering is a key part of improving your employability for the future and of course having fun and making connections in the present. BUT a lot has changed in the time of COVID-19 where we can no longer have face-to- face contact. The ideas and tips below will help you still engage during this surreal time by exploring the world of virtual volunteering.

  • Be Safe: Firstly look after your health, safety and wellbeing – any volunteering that you do must meet the government’s guidelines for everyone during the Levels of Lockdown. COVID-19.govt is a good overview source https://covid19.govt.nz/communities/community-groups/volunteering/
  • Who can you help – community related ideas: Can you virtually help people in your own community during lockdown? Friends, family, neighbours – all count! You could do online supermarket orders or even hold Zoom story time for cousins, nieces and nephews.
  • Who can you help – degree/career related ideas: For commerce, arts, design, or IT students could you help a family business create a facebook page, manage email marketing or design a website for home delivery during lock down? Or perhaps help with accounting or strategic planning for the future?  Education, psychology, health students, can you create some online resources, or help on a mental health support phoneline?
  • Where can you look online for volunteering roles during Level 4 Lockdown:  Use https://bit.ly/CareerhubVolunteering or https://bit.ly/VolunteerWellington for various opportunities. Check out the Student Volunteer Army – https://sva.org.nz/, https://www.supportcrew.co/ or https://friendsinneednz.com/ to help with for Covid-19 response. Try https://helptank.nz/ for voluntary professional projects or Collaborate –https://bit.ly/clbrtexx, the voluntary matching app.
  • Don’t forget to join Wellington Plus, the University’s service and leadership programme https://bit.ly/wgtnplus. You gain points for approved volunteering, participate in workshops and reflect on your experiences. You can aim for the certificate or award and add extra credentials to your degree.


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