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Over the last few months the Careers and Employment team converted a busy schedule of on-campus employer events to digital format.

As we enter T2, we’re very excited to be offering on-campus events again, including sessions from Deloitte, GovTech and Oranga Tamariki. However, webinars are here to stay, and employers will also be engaging via this medium going forward.

Since we got a crash course in digital networking, and observed many of our students working the Zoom room like pros, we want to share our learning with you:

Ask Interesting questions

Recruiters are usually presenting the same webinar several times and hear the same questions again and again. During lockdown, we saw our talented students shine by posing well thought out and unique questions.

The best questions spark a connection with the presenter and put you on their radar.

In a sea of black boxes, be a friendly face

No matter how long you’ve been doing it, presenting is always nerve racking. Presenting to a sea of black boxes when the audience has their cameras off can be intimidating. We loved it when students felt empowered to have their cameras on, and unmute themselves during the Q and A.

A friendly face creates a positive first impression.

Follow up while the interaction is fresh

Many presenters are happy to connect with students on LinkedIn. Include a message that mentions the event and a quick insight, such as ‘I particularly appreciated hearing insights from current interns on the program.’

The gold standard is to connect with the employers on LinkedIn straight after the webinar.

The Careers team run regular LinkedIn and Networking skills preparation workshops which you can book on CareerHub and have online resources on how to create a great LinkedIn summary.



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