My last blog post looked at how technology affects the current workforce – you can read it here if you’ve missed it. Technological advances have changed the job market (and will, no doubt, continue to do so in years to come). Even though some new jobs are created (e.g. social media advisor), I argue that […]

The job market is changing (well, water is wet). We have moved from the days of needing a switchboard operator to transfer calls at a telephone exchange to everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket. The way we work and communicate with each other have also changed because of technology. I still remember the days […]

This was the fourth most popular question asked of our Humanities and Social Science graduates at the August Careers in Focus session. Based on our graduates’ stories it comes back to that old chestnut, “it depends”. Sorry to whip that out again so soon. But how long it takes to land the job that “relates” […]

I was half listening to the radio whilst doing other things when an interview with a bibliotherapist caught my attention. A bibliotherapist? Now that’s a new one I thought to myself. What in heaven’s name is a bibliotherapist? Turns out that bibliotherapy involves the reading of specific books with the purpose of healing. Based on […]

Keeping up to date with what’s going on in our fast changing economy helps prepare you for jobs of the future or at the very least can help with conversation topics! As someone with an Arts background this interest in business didn’t necessarily come easily to me but it is actually really fascinating. Students and […]

Higher education is growing rapidly across the world, including offshore campuses and online courses. I do find the numbers quite astounding but when I consider what’s happening overall I feel it’s a good thing that we have a more educated world population. In China this month a record 7.26 million will graduate from the country’s […]

With applications for enrolment in 2013 due by 10 December for limited entry courses and programmes and by 10 January 213 for all other courses and programmes, staff at Vic Careers have been getting quite a lot of queries about what courses to study, what jobs are out there and how much these jobs pay.  […]

The world is changing. Fact. My colleague Belinda focused on the social media changes in her recent blog but another You Tube video points to how fast our entire world is changing It’s interesting to consider how these changes will impact on our work environments. I don’t have the answers but it’s something I […]

The comments and tips in this article are my response to the provocative article that appeared on the CBS News website, “Will These 10 jobs Disappear in 2012”. The article was written by Louise Tutelian and the web link to it is provided at the end. We live and work in times of huge and it […]