First impression counts, don’t let a phone interview muck up your chance!

What privilege?

This will make you think… about equality, about opportunity, about attitude/appreciation, education, competition… and just about life in general.

From Landscape Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington to Elizabeth Everdell Garden Designs in San Francisco…

The complex recruitment process – From the employer to the job advertisement to the applicants, can you grasp it? No? Here’s an illustration of what really happens in most cases…

Phone call, face to face meeting, email, letter, LinkedIn, social media… there is no escape, one way or another, everyone has to network! Check out some of the typical networking styles identified, can you relate with any?

Assessment centre?

What is an Assessment Centre? What’s involved and what’s expected? How should you prepare for it?

Internship and graduate recruitment has started. If you are new to the game, you may want to familiarise yourself with the process before starting. Even if you have been through the process before, it’s still worth to have a quick refresher before you start. Often, candidates get caught out/kicked out at early stages because they […]

There’s no point in setting up a New Year’s resolution or checklist. A dream is just a dream, until […]

Simple life reminders in under 3 minutes, must watch! Don’t let the hustle and bustle of everyday living drain you… Continue reading

How good are you at following instructions, understanding complex situation/diagrams, solving problems and persevering until the desired outcome is achieved? >>