Great – you have graduated from the fish tank (University), you have earned your bubble (qualification), and you are now free in the wide open sea (real world)! What’s next?

Want to know what it’s like to be a professional Selfie Photographer? How many likes your selfie will generate? How to create a great selfie?

Ok, let’s be real, no one likes doing it, no one wants to do it, no one has time for it and certainly, no one enjoys the process! BUT, inevitably most of us have to go through a performance review/appraisal at work at some stage.

First impression counts, don’t let a phone interview muck up your chance!

What privilege?

This will make you think… about equality, about opportunity, about attitude/appreciation, education, competition… and just about life in general.

From Landscape Architecture at Victoria University in Wellington to Elizabeth Everdell Garden Designs in San Francisco…

The complex recruitment process – From the employer to the job advertisement to the applicants, can you grasp it? No? Here’s an illustration of what really happens in most cases…