We have just come to the end of a really great series of Careers in Focus seminars, held jointly with the Victoria University of Wellington Law Students’ Society and the Faculty of Law. We looked at all those *other* things you can do with your Law degree, from working in small to medium-sized firms, the […]

I’m asking this question because I’m not an (early) morning person.  From what I’m reading lately, the answer to the above question will be yes and no. I am like a she-bear with a sore head until two coffees have been consumed before 10.30am. I have a sugar-induced spurt of productivity mid-afternoon when everyone else […]

I’ve just had a couple of days with no connection to e-mails or the shared drive here at work – a long, not-very-interesting story that is all sorted out now. With an event to organise and some work that really needed doing, I had two choices: I could get really stressed and shout at helpdesk […]

It’s a pretty plain title for a blog and maybe in this day and age with the all the media by which you can market yourself, the paper CV may soon be a thing of the past.  As this post in Recruitment Grapvine suggests, the CV is evolving: The face of recruitment has evolved to keep up […]

Over the summer I’ve been doing a poetry workshop that Vic teaches in conjunction with Iowa University.  It’s a real privilege to be able to do it, and I’m sure my writing practice will improve as a result.  But you know what the most profound and measurable result for me has been?  Overcoming my fear […]

I have just discovered the joy of podcasts: and boy do we have a couple good ‘uns here in Wellington care of our esteemed Vic alumni/students and friends. I strongly recommend What’s Next? with Sophie and Hannah, both Vic graduates – “a podcast about navigating your way through adulthood and everything that comes with it. Hosted by […]

I’d like to claim some kind of greater powers, having written about earthquakes and careers mere weeks before, hot on the heels of a Trump win in the US, there was a major 7.6 quake, centered near Kaikoura in the South Island.  The quake has taken two lives, paralysed Kaikoura and North Canterbury and severely rattled our […]