I have just discovered the joy of podcasts: and boy do we have a couple good ‘uns here in Wellington care of our esteemed Vic alumni/students and friends. I strongly recommend What’s Next? with Sophie and Hannah, both Vic graduates – “a podcast about navigating your way through adulthood and everything that comes with it. Hosted by […]

I’d like to claim some kind of greater powers, having written about earthquakes and careers mere weeks before, hot on the heels of a Trump win in the US, there was a major 7.6 quake, centered near Kaikoura in the South Island.  The quake has taken two lives, paralysed Kaikoura and North Canterbury and severely rattled our […]

Does the thought of networking, cold calling, walking into a room full of people and making small talk send you back to bed with your laptop?  Do you find yourself on the outer at events, not knowing what to do with your hands; or shunned, having sprayed the company’s CEO in the face with flaky pastry while stammering […]

We all face big challenges in our working lives.  Maybe you have a disability, a major health concern or facing something in your personal life that is making a huge impact on either finding a job or making progress in your current one. Or you simply can’t find a job right now in the area […]

I love talking to people at career and study information expos and events.  People who are at a crossroads or point of transition in their lives.  I notice that parents are particularly anxious that their children are making the right decision, which I understand, having been there. When they see someone with the same worry lines as they have standing […]

There’s been a lot of talk about dumming-down and anti-intellectualism in New Zealand and elsewhere in the wake of a certain first lady’s speech being plagiarized….and a growing sense of urgency around climate change, global conflict, the economy and Donald Trump. As well as making us all want a cup of tea and a lie-down, it has awakened arguments for and against a broad-based […]

What happens when your plans don’t work out? As an academic adviser in a past life, I spent a lot of time going over Plan B with students in the wake of their not passing core degree papers. Or in an even more past life, I worked with people who had not been successful in getting the […]

To remind us of of the approaching Queen’s Birthday weekend, take a look at The Telegraph’s thoughtful analysis of the alternative careers that the royal family have been exploring recently. And did you know that you can just go and look up Current Vacancies with the Royal Family? Recently, a Head of Digital Engagement position was advertised and […]

Are you a recent graduate looking for work, and struggling with the traditional methods of applying? Are you supporting a recent graduate who is looking for work? Are you feeling as though the pace of change has just got away on you, and you don’t have enough specific knowledge/experience? This interview, on Radio NZ National’s Saturday […]

I don’t like it when I make mistakes. So I’m reading Atul Gawande‘s book, The Checklist Manifesto. While on the one hand, most of our best learning comes from the mistakes we make, they are also really annoying/embarrassing and can cost time and money to fix.  In some jobs they cost lives or millions of dollars.  In Gawande’s […]