Last year we asked quite a few employers about the skills and attributes that they look for in graduates. You could read a detailed report that will give you all ins and outs of what it is that employers are looking for. But you could also just learn from Grumpy Cat (click to see the […]

So apparently, vlogging* is the new way forward in the digital world, with hundreds of people now making a living out of posting short videos of themselves…doing not much – putting makeup on, cooking dinner, or just talking. And apparently it’s a lucrative business (if you have millions of viewers, that is). I’ve thought about it […]

This the final part of the 5 career-related things to do differently in 2016. In previous blog posts, I wrote about reverse reference checking, mentoring, doing something new outside of university study, and saving money. In this final series stint, I’d like to encourage you to… BLURB YOURSELF. AND DO IT QUICK! Your personal blurb […]

In the first three parts of this series, I encouraged you to do reverse reference checking, get mentoring, and do something new outside of university study (i.e. the lunchbox example). In the fourth part of the series, I’d like to convince you to… SAVE MONEY. AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! This is how it started. […]

In the first two blog posts from this series, I encouraged you to do reverse reference checking and get mentoring. Now is the time to put it up a notch, and … DO SOMETHING NEW (AND EXCITING) OUTSIDE OF UNIVERSITY STUDY In a recent employability skills  survey we ran with over 340 employers, many mentioned […]

Are you finishing uni soon and not sure where to next?1 Is the future exciting…but also quite daunting? It’s time to tackle your career from another angle. By connecting to someone who has ‘been there and done that’, and is willing to share their wisdom. It’s super easy. All you need to do is run a […]

Reverse reference: what others say about your potential employer I have a friend who  changed jobs four times last year. You might think that there must be something wrong with her. Did she get fired? No. Why did she leave then? Because she couldn’t find her match. Applying for jobs is a bit like online dating. You go […]