I’ve recently come across this hilarious image: Ditto, I thought. And immediately shared it on Facebook with friends asking¬†a question – have they ever been recruited via LinkedIn?¬†Before I knew it, there were multiple comments: “I’ve found a contract through the site”, said one friend. “I know a person who got multiple offers through LinkedIn”, […]

Perhaps the title of this blog is a bit confusing – after all, this is a ‘careers’ blog, right? Well, the truth is this – you’re likely to fail to have a great career. You’re likely to fail because you’re likely to tell yourself that great careers are a matter of luck. You’re also likely […]

Time is your biggest gift. Indeed, it is more valuable than money as you can make more money, but not more time (David Hieatt) Fill in the gap: ___________ hours in a week. How many hours do you spend studying, working, commuting and sleeping, Facebooking? And how many hours are left? What do you do […]