has published an article listing the best and worst jobs in the world. Have a look and see if what you’re studying/have studied will get you one of the best, or one of the worst…

Your CV is one of the very first impressions an employer will have of you so it needs to be GREAT. Particularly in today’s market, employers are overwhelmed by applicants for each job…so CVs that aren’t exciting or accurate or well put together are simply not even looked at! How can you get the job […]

The unemployment rate has jumped again from 6% to 6.5%, the highest it has been in 15 years. Have a read of the below article from to see which industries are hardest hit and what we can expect in the future.

IEP (International Exchange Provider) is a non-profit organisation that sends New Zealanders overseas for working holidays! If you are interested in working overseas, check out their website at You can wait tables in Hollywood, work the ski fields in Canada, pick grapes in France or serve beer in a bar in Ireland! IEP will […]

After years at university…do you know what kind of career your degree can result in? Check out our Career Views, publications about life after your degree. These have information about the value of your degree and how it can translate into the working world as well as real-life examples of Vic Grads and what they […]

CNBC America has done studies on which jobs are safer in a recession…have a look and see if what you are studying could take you into a recession-proof career! This slideshow counts down the 10 jobs that are the hardest to fill in a recession, and therefore the easiest to get! This slideshow counts down […]

An article on in March of this year discussed the difficulty of young New Zealanders graduating in the middle of a recession. Four recent grads in various sectors were profiled and discussed where they were at after graduating, and how they got there. One grad had been unsuccessful in his job hunt and has […]