Use an ePortfolio What can you do with an ePortfolio ? An ePortfolio gives you a storage and sharing tool for your thoughts, ideas and self-written articles about your activities and experience. It’s like writing a blog to your future self; it’s a learning journal; a professional development tool; your achievement record. You can share it, […]

There’s a lot going on in there (your mind). So how do you know what’s useful or not? There’s so much. How do you decide what to keep and what to forget ? (IF you can! I remember what I don’t want and forget what I do.) OK, it’s a mess, but there must be […]

Do you need a mirror to reflect? No. As any creative person will tell you, reflection happens in the bath … when you run … while you sleep … when you’re relaxed … Ideas pop into your thoughts, often when you’re relaxing. Get in the habit of writing these insights down, whether you use a […]

A comparison of writing types I found this useful page from the EIT Library and Learning Services that compares the different types of writing you may be asked to do in your studies and work. Contents The styles – what’s expected? The Hilsdon model is a simple graphic that helps you see where certain questions fit […]

Transactional analysis (TA) and Creativity I hope you watched those videos about transactional analysis (TA), games, and gimmicks that are in my February blog, Ethics at work.  I’ve been thinking of TA ever since, especially in reference to “White House” (USA) communications. I want to focus a bit more in depth on TA before I […]

One thing we take for granted, at least I do, is that our organisations behave ethically.  The definition of ethics I’m using is ‘a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.’ Sometimes there are people in an organisation who treat others rudely or unfairly.  They […]

We hear about it being done in the news all the time.  If you want to divert attention to what’s going on that’s not so good, create a spectacular side story. Like – what’s happening behind the scenes while Donald is filling his cabinet with Donald-inclined folk who are rubbing their hands at the potential for […]

Changing careers?  Potentially haven’t got a clue what to do?  You might need a hand.  Here’s tips on how to re-see your skills: P.S.  Sorry, Randy isn’t available for door-to-door service at Vic Careers. But do come and see our Careers consultants.  Connect through CareerHub appointments.

At this time of year – the threshold of study/exam time – the fallout from the topic of this blog becomes apparent.  Your rational-decision maker has been dominated by the much more fun instant gratification monkey and now your dreaded panic monster is unleashed. It’s times like this that the smudge on the fridge door […]

Last week I wrote about finding a group of people that you are comfortable with and who help you to fulfill your desires, goals, and ideals.  This week I want to talk about a reality that we all face – the work group.  Work groups differ from social groups in that you don’t choose your […]