This is my last day here at Vic Careers and part of my clearing out process is gong through and looking at the blogs I started writing but never posted. I came across this one on formatting and structure – half the battle with a CV I think. I didn’t post it because it was so […]

Every now and again while having a look around on the Career sites I find some little gem that sums up a concept so well and concisely that it sticks in my mind and becomes part of my personal philosophy. I had such a moment recently when reading the Career NZ blog post Career conversation with […]

if someone were to say to you “It’s Wednesday – hump day!” which of the following are you most likely to do? a) Cringe in awkward silence and think “I don’t know what they mean and don’t want to ask” b) Agree and say something like “It’s been a long week so far” c) Say […]

I’ve been inspired by so heres my (not entirely serious) advice Of course thats entirely tongue in cheek as I’ve already given you a link to keep you surfing for a while and of course you’ll want to keep checking out our blog as well. And what if you work on the computer? For some […]

In keeping with my recent posting Geeks vs Nerds I’d like to present another infographic on the subject of geeks, this time from We all know about geeks – they love Star Wars, computers and witty t-shirts – but being a geek is more than just the stereotype we usually think of. If you have a passion […]

Preparing for a job interview can be a daunting task – if only someone could sum up key points in a stylish informative graphic – or an infographic if you will. Nice – thanks!

I woke to the alarm this morning and reached over to stop it as quickly as possible so that it would be the least possible interruption to my sleep which I planned on returning to immediately. But by the alarm going off when it did and me hitting snooze when I did a single lyric […]